A gazillion & none: The art of focus.

The most common mistake people make is putting too much on their list. I did that one year- a list of 20+ goals. I wanted them all…why wouldn’t I write it down if the process is so powerful? In short, it wasn’t. I didn’t make serious strides in any arena that year. A gazillion priorities is no priorities at all.

As writing coach Cynthia Whitcom always says, “Fewer words, more power.”

Narrow it down. What do you want in each arena? No more than three one or two word items in each arena. The fewer, the better.

Harvard Professor Frank Hartmann recommends to his students they pick no  more than three priorities for any six month period…total.


That’s right…how about you pick six, since we have 2 six-month periods in which you can make progress. Let’s check back at summer solstice, and more on follow through after New Years!

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