This step follows the word selection. Something like a vision board, these collages started with journals to track progress, and evolved into full blown art pieces I keep on my wall throughout the year.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Journal or Canvas. Art supply stores are are great place to pick these up. You can use sketch or watercolor books if you like, or simply buy a full-sized canvas. They are surprisingly inexpensive.

Decorative paper. Again, your local art store or local fine stationary shop will have lovely options. Great for tacking to the canvas as a solid background, so you don’t have to fill every square inch to have lush visual continuity.

Printer & favorite images. Spend some time on Pinterest! Find beautiful images that inspire you in all of your arenas. I have cut out photos of Lakshmi, Buddha, and Ganesha a lot in the past, as well as images of backpacking, couples snuggling, etc. Just avoid photos where another person’s face is clear. For some reason, it robs the board of the all important you-focus. Make sure you have plenty of ink and print away!

Used books for cut-outs. Raid the garden or photo book sections at your local used book store. It’s where I’ve acquired my endless supply of cut-out roses- all for about $10.

Paints, colors, art paper. So you can write, paint, draw your own words and symbols if you like.

Favorite Quotes. Look them up, have them on hand. They’ll inspire you all year.

Papaya Art items. If this is your style, consider ordering some calendars or cards from these folks. they are collage-y already, and help flesh out your piece with beautiful imagery and quotes. Order online at, or find in your local healthfood or book stores. An Oregon company. Xo.

Glue Stick, Thumbtacks, Scissors.


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