How to Win the Lottery in 2016

Every holiday season, I buy lottery tickets for friends and family. But not because I’m delusional enough to think we will win. I do it because the $2 buys a million-dollar conversation. Try it!

  1. Buy a lottery ticket – & some for friends or family, if you’d like!
  2. Ask yourself what would you do with the jackpot?
  3. Now ask yourself Do you really need millions to do those things? How about doing some of those things- even small pieces of them- anyway?

So often, we tell ourselves we could live our dreams if only we had more time, or more money. And let’s be real: Money can buy many magical things and life experiences. But more often than not, you’ll find there are ways to live these dreams without a lightening-bolt cash prize.

In my 20’s, I worked 16 hour days for months on end with no days off in pursuit of millions, with the hopes someday I could be a philanthropist and make a difference. At 30, I realized I could skip the mullah part and go straight for the good stuff. Never made those millions for myself- I’m living in a 300 square foot corner of the house I share with 5 roommates-  but I’ve raised more than $16,000,000 for women in Congo and Somalia.

Be the best you this year. Right now. You have the winning ticket: Your passion and will. Do yourself and the world a beautiful justice. Cash it in.


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