Fete d’ You: Preparing your retreat

Clearing the Space.

A clean, fresh space to reflect is an important start. Clean your space, clear extra clutter. Depending on time, consider going deeper by clearing your email inbox, or employing that million-dollar question from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for everything you own: Does this spark joy? If not, chuck it. from online. Collect them ahead of time on Pinterest, if you like!

Let other’s know what you’re up to.

As an extension of clearing the space, give yourself the gift of focus. Interruptions can kill the process. Let key folks know you won’t be answering your phone, or available for this-and-that. Turn off your technology. Focus.

Invite friends.

One or two is perfect, four is probably the max. Get together for a long evening, or even every day for a week. The trick is group chemistry- everyone must be comfortable enough with each other to be open and authentic. Be clear about this upfront. Nothing spoils to process like someone showing up with a fifth of vodka and fave-80’s playlist, expecting a roaring New Years party.

Decorate for the festivities.

This is a fete d’ you, a celebration of your life, your dreams. Decorate as beautifully as you would for a houseful of party guests. Select soulful music to play. While it’s not the time to eat or drink yourself under the table, celebrate with delicious, healthy refreshments that leave you feeling clean, clear, and ready to soul-storm.

What you’ll need.

Scratch paper- pick up a new note pad you love!

For choosing your word: Thesaurus (Internet is okay for this limited use).

For the collage: Canvas or journal. Pretty handmade papers from art store Glue stick. Used books & printouts with photos you love.

For Offerings- Alter or equivalent, flowers, fruit, candles, cash, beautiful notecards, and readiness to let go.

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