The Life Behind: Mapping the Distant Past

“If you know your history, then you will where you’re coming from.” -Bob Marley

To know what you want to for the year, you need context. Try mapping the eras of your life.

Note memorable life moments in 5 or 10 year increments. Be as detailed as you like.

Do you notice trends? Can you see eras take shape? They likely wont fit the decade structure, and that’s okay. Ages 22-29 may have been a distinct time, where as 30-43 blurs together into one theme. That’s perfect. I happened to notice when I did this that my life has operated in distinct 5 year chapters. An enormous insight. I also noticed that my activism work was by far my longest-lived passion and focus. Also great information.

Try listing the major eras of your life, for instance: early childhood, Flanders-street Era, teen-in-heat, the India years, young motherhood, and note what they were about. What were you trying to get? What were the highs? What were the lows? What were the learnings?

What era might you be in now, or heading into?

Has anything major been missing?

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