Hark! Quicksand!

New Years is now a week behind us, and lo. We’re entering those fragile days where all the intentions for the year begin to haunt us like those leftovers that have been sitting at the back of the fridge a week too long. Hark! Stay vigilant, friends! This is the trap, the quicksand of our lives.

It need not be, with this simple trick.

One of the primary methods for turning your vision into reality is checking in with yourself weekly. Be honest about what time truly works for you, one you’ll stick with- whether that’s night owl hours at your kitchen table, or Sunday evenings, like me.

Week 1 Progress:


Registered for Vipassana retreat

Meditated 7 out of 9 days (since New Years)

Week 2 Goal: Meditate 7 days.


Nutritarian- 90% (salt & raw vegan truffles)

2 Yoga Classes, 2 Runs

Down 2 lbs. to 188

Week 2 Goals:

-100% Nutritarian- Goodbye Salt & Vegan Truffles!

-Run/ Walk 5 Days

-Early morning yoga 3 days

-New 5 am wake up time

Week 2 Goals- Life Work

-Complete Book Proposal

– Deep dive with Everywoman Everywhere

-Draft Op-Ed










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