Painting Tape

Hey folks! On Day 8 of the new year, I finally took on a long-elusive task. It started last June, when I moved back over to my craftsman on Portland’s east side, thinking it was a temporary “East Side Retreat”, creating space and perspective on my long term relationship. Six months later, the relationship break turned to permanent split, and while I had painted many common spaces and bedrooms of tenant/roommates, but the bright blue painting tape remained on my walls.

The electric blue tape was a constant reminder I am in “transition”. In some ways, it was a way of avoiding the hard fact I’ve my move back home- and in with 5 roommates- was permanent.

But at New Years, I knew I needed to release an awful lot to properly start this new chapter in my life- my “offering” of sorts. Sugar, caffeine, sleeping late, my now ex, emotional baggage….and the painting tape.

Yesterday, I took it head on!

Photo on 1-9-16 at 9.17 AM

What have you been hanging on to? What do you need to release to have your Year of All Years? Any projects you could move forward- even small ones- that would help you release the past?

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